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Our game development journey

Our game development journey began in 2020 from a background of developing new products and services for UK Government and charities. We decided to move into games development to produce inclusive competitive mobile strategy games that can be played by anyone regardless of their age, and can also deliver other social benefits in line with our organisation's aims.


We initially produced two different demo versions of our Goalscorer game for mobile, Goalscorer Training Edition and Goalscorer Tournament. Goalscorer Tournament was a variation of the game to demonstrate how the game can be adapted for some skill gaming platforms.   


Goalscorer Tournament is an Asychronous game.  This means that 2 players can play at different times against the same computer opponent.  It's always been our main aim to produce a Synchronous version where 2 human players can play each other in real time.  The first version of that game was called Goalscorer Training Edition.  That version of the game can be found on the App Store and Google Play, with links to the game also on the Homepage of this website.  

We've had valuable feedback on both Goalscorer Training Edition and Goalscorer Tournament  to date, including positive feedback on the huge potential of a premium player v player version of the Training Edition game.  Our goals is to work with partners that recognise the potential of the game format and can help us develop a premium version that can also benefit good causes.  We raised a total of £1000.00 for amateur football teams/charities when testing the Goalscorer Training Edition game at the end of 2023 and early 2024 and we would like to do much more by updating the Goalscorer Training Edition game into a version called Goalscorer Premier by including some or all of the following features:

  • improving game graphics and sounds

  • improving the user interface and adding social game functions

  • adding better leaderboard functionality for players and teams* 

  • reducing the game time to a total of 5 minutes in 2 player games with longer times retained for Player v AI for practice games

  • developing more AI opponents for the single player game to add to the 8 AI opponents we have currently 

  • providing more variations in the rules of the game

  • developing our Star Shop to include custom Star Player graphics

  • working with partners on marketing to obtain more users who will go on to be skilled players that can compete against our existing skilled players in friendly and competition games

* Any sports team or business can potentially have their own team and home stadium featured in Goalscorer games. Goalscorer team counters can display images of football shirts, shields or logos. 

If your organisation is interested in joining us on our journey to use Goalscorer Premier to support grass roots football or other good causes Contact Us

A game of skill where anyone can be the best player

We developed our Goalscorer game mechanic as we support the principle that any sport or esport should be inclusive and give everyone that takes part a realistic chance of winning.  We also think smaller teams should be able to compete equally with larger teams with more resources.


We prefer skill-based games that do not rely on excellent dexterity and quick reaction times so they allow players of different ages the chance to compete 'on a level playing field' with younger players who are more likely to have those abilities.  


Inspired by traditional strategy games such as Chess, the difference with our Goalscorer game is that it's easy and quick to learn how to play, and you don't have to be a Grandmaster to be the best, but it's a challenge to win consistently.


We use the phrase 'Your Strategy Game' for this website to show that the our games can be customised so players can play for their chosen team.  Goalscorer is the first football (soccer) themed version of Your Strategy Game.  


In certain versions of Goalscorer, such as the Training Edition, you can create your own team and select the name and team colours of any team you like.  

gs promo graphic BSO 140822.jpg

  • Goalscorer Training Edition Free Play for Android Mobile - available on Google Play

  • Goalscorer Training Edition Free Play for Apple IOS - available on the App Store

  • Goalscorer Fire n Ice for Android Mobile and Apple IOS - Free Play game which is available via the Skillz Game Network for customers in the US and South America.  Other games on the Skillz Game Network are pay to play where players must be over 18 years to take part

  • Goalscorer Tournament Edition - Soccer version of the Fire n Ice game for Android Mobile and Apple IOS also available on the Skillz Game Network

  • Goalscorer Web Game for desktop and mobile - added to this website in May 2022 then removed to work on updates. 

  • Goalscorer Premier Edition - coming next

  • We are als considering producing other versions of custom strategy games on different sports

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