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If you've played the game of Goalscorer please Contact Us to give feedback.

If you would like to a add your Football Team to future versions of Goalscorer why not Register and let us know using the form below.


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Summary Of Rules

More about adding team names to our games

Our current Goalscorer games contain fantasy teams.  We will be looking to add real teams to Goalscorer Premier with the permission of the team owners.  Players can currently enter their own names and team names and make up their own team shirt designs in our existing Goalscorer games. 

Note: Team names cannot be names of existing sports teams unless you are authorised to use the team name by the owners of the name, and we won't publish any team name or image we deem to be offensive.


We will let you know more about adding team names. team shirts and logos when we make the relevant updates to our games.

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