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Everyone has a Team


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Screenshot from the 1st edition of the Freeplay Goalscorer Game on Mobile

How you can help us to support Grass Roots Football

Help us meet our aim of using the game of Goalscorer to raise funds for amateur and youth football teams.  


Many football (soccer) teams, particularly smaller amateur teams, need to raise funds to continue to exist.  Our aim is to produce a version of Goalscorer which any football team, amateur or professional, can use to raise funds for their club, and compete to be the best.  We need your support to make this happen.

Sponsors can also benefit from Goalscorer's range of in-game advertising features and be recognised for their contribution in supporting Grass Roots Football.


Please Contact Us to let us know if you can help.

We believe in fair competition so all Goalscorer players and teams can be in the Goalscorer Premier League 

The game of Goalscorer has been described as a cross between Football and Speed Chess where anyone of any age can be the best player. 


Many sports or Esports require you to have fast reaction times to compete.  Goalscorer is a turn-based game so anyone of any age can be the best! 



Try out the 1st Training Edition of Goalscorer for Mobile:


Available in the App Store here

Available on Google Play here

Check out the Background Section of this website for more on our plans for Goalscorer Premier

You can find a Demo of Goalscorer Training Edition Web Game updated and re-introduced on this website in December 2022 here

Introducing the Goalscorer Game

The following video gives a short intro to the different versions of Goalscorer

Goalscorer - For the Players

Goalscorer - For the Players

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